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The Size of the Internet

September 26th, 2007 by Moti Karmona | מוטי קרמונה · 3 Comments

No Internet Today“The size of the Web is 800 million pages, and the biggest search engine only covers about 16% of it.”
(Lawrence and Giles, 8 July 1999)

For various reasons (e.g. script/dynamic/unlinked/limited-access/non-html content) the indexed web is only a portion of the world wide web and later studies want further claiming that the deep (un-indexed/unknown) web is ~500 times larger than the indexed web!

So… What is the size of the internet?

Well, how many pages are there?

According to boutell.com guesstimate we have ~ 29.7 billion indexed pages on the World Wide Web (updated to Feb. 2007)
http://worldwidewebsize.com suggest a ~22.34 billion indexed pages (Sep. 2007)
and I used a simple Google search for “or | -or +*” and got about 17,340,000,000 documents estimation from Google…

=> We are left out with nice round guesstimate average of 20 billion indexed pages.

Now, multiplying it with an average page size of 70K (based on my experience, utexas.edu and optimizationweek.com)

= ~1300* Tera = ~1.3 Peta of known/indexed web which might hide a ~600 Peta of deeper web

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